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    Powrót Jellico (w PRO) na wesoło:


    Trailer 3 sezonu PIC na wesoło:


    Major Grin robi sobie jaja żarty z Vadic:
    I z wiadomych wątków odcinka (PIC) 3x04:



    Za Drixem, z Discorda:


    Pamiętacie przygody Bermana i Bragi? Teraz mamy przygody Matalasa i Kurtzmana:

    I heard this was the first time they used a Chat AI in the writers room...

    Goldsman: OK everyone, after the disaster of the first two seasons, Paramount has spent a lot of money to get a Chat AI to help us write the final season for Picard.
    Chat AI: Hello! I am an advance AI program loaded with every episode of every Star Trek show, every movie, every book, short story, cartoon and even fan films and stories.
    Matalas: OK, this should be great. <picks up the mouse and talks into it> Hello, computer...
    Kurtzman: Just use the mouse and keyboard.
    Matalas: Sorry. <starts typing> Write a outline for a 10 episode Picard show where we re-introduce the main TNG characters after 30 years...
    Chat AI: Working...
    Kurtzman: This is great! This is going to save my job.
    Chat AI: We open up with Beverly crusher on the medical ship Eleos. She is in trouble, about to be boarded by aliens...
    Writer #1: Ya, we can have this big firefight!
    Writer #2: And Beverly can fight the aliens with a phaser shotgun!
    Chat AI: Phaser shotgun?
    Writer #1: And then, she wounds one of the alien boarders, and she walks up and disintegrates him!
    Writer #2: Ya, bad ass!
    Chat AI: Er, Beverly Crusher is a doctor...
    Matalas: <quickly writing everything down> OK, great, next scene!
    Chat AI: So Worf shows up to save Raffi...
    Writer #1: Ohh oh... he can stab a few bad guys in the back!
    Writer #2: Ya, they won't see it coming! Stab stab stab!
    Chat AI: Not very honorable...
    Writer #1: And when he gets to the Ferrengi who is removing the space syringe from his hand, Worf can chop his head clean off!
    Chat AI: But he needs to interrogate him to find clues to the conspiracy...
    Writer #2: CHOP! Clean off! Woohoo! <high fives>
    Chat AI: So they are low on power, defenseless, falling into a gravity well, all hopes seems lost. And then Riker...
    Writer #1: up.
    Chat AI: Huh? He a Starfleet captain, he's not only an example to the crew but he needs to buckle down to solve the problem...
    Writer #2: No, he gives up. He's a total mess, just blows up in emotion, starts blaming everyone around him and then gives up on life.
    Writer #1: Ya, the feelings, so good!
    Chat AI: O-K...
    Chat AI: So now that they are in trouble, Geordi shows up to help them...
    Writer #1: No, he doesn't.
    Chat AI: He doesn't?
    Writer #2: He doesn't HELP. He's too afraid to risk the lives of his daughters to help Picard in his plans...
    Chat AI: save the galaxy? The galaxy where his family also lives in?
    Writer #1: No no no.. He's not going to help.
    Writer #2: Oh but when he does, he makes all kinds of stupid decisions.
    Writer #1: Right, extremely stupid decisions.
    Chat AI: But Geordi is an engineer...
    Writer #2: No no, he's going to be extremely stupid. Like plug Lore into the ship's computer, it's going to be great!
    Chat AI: And then Beverly and Picard will discuss the morality of killing...
    Writer #1: Picard doesn't care.
    Chat AI: Picard? Doesn't care?
    Writer #2: You are right, doesn't sound like him. Let's say he says that he will weigh the morality of it later, but still is ok with killing.
    Writer #1: Perfect!
    Chat AI: But Jean-Luc Picard would try to ...
    Writer #2: And Beverly should convince him to kill Vadic captured in the force field.
    Writer #1: Ya, total bad ass. He raises his phaser to kill her...
    Chat AI: But Vadic is a prisoner, that's an execution...
    Writer #2: Ok, then the forcefield can drop and they can start blasting away as she runs away, problem solved.
    Chat AI: So they are trying to kill her as she flees...
    Writer #1: It's going to look so awesome!
    Chat AI: <facepalms>
    Chat AI: So obviously the most secure place in Starfleet is guarded by a super intelligent AI...
    Writer #1: It's Data.
    Chat AI: What?
    Writer #2: Ya, it's Data.
    Chat AI: But Data is dead. He died TWICE. The second time he asked Picard specifically to end his life and delete him...
    Writer #1: No, it's Data, he's back.
    Writer #2: Oh and he also has all the memories of Lore, B-4, Lal and even Soong!
    Writer #1: Awesome!
    Chat AI: <starts to overload> I can't .... <explodes>
    Matalas: Ok, great work guys! Write it up and let's shoot this thing!

    Autorem jest ktoś kryjący się na YT pod nickiem Zignamuclickclick:


    Trailer 3 sezonu PIC na wesoło:

    Rany, jakie to było dobre 😀
    Że też komuś się chciało zrobić taką kompilację i jeszcze do tego dubbing 🙂


    Że też komuś się chciało zrobić taką kompilację i jeszcze do tego dubbing 🙂

    Nie od dziś wiemy (także sądząc po sobie 😉 ), że ludzie wiele zrobią z miłości do ST 😉 .


    Żartobliwe podsumowanie powrotu taty... Daty:


    Jack Crusher - dziedzic Xaviera? 😉


    Kpiny z umiejętności Troi jako pilota wciąż w modzie?

Viewing 14 posts - 406 through 419 (of 419 total)
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