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A teraz coś co zupełnie pogrąży was moi drodzy adwersarze - miłej pokaźnej lektury tylko się od rau nie poddawać. Pytacie pewnie dlaczego teraz bez przykładów bo by papieru nie starczyło to moja odpowiedż, a tak naprawde jes tego tam tak dużo że nie dałbym rady. Uwaga!!!: niektóre klasy są bez opisów, warto też zwrócić uwage na inne działy. Nie stety wszystko po angielsku, ale jak zwykle oferuje swoją pomoc.

a o to i jeden ze stakow z powyżzej strony - robi wrażenie prawada

😉 :

Exodus Class

Design by Malcolm Lu

USS Exodus NX-87001 Exodus-class deep-range explorer

In service: 1

Commissioned: 14th August 2379

Length: 825m

Height: 117m

Deck count: 35

Displacement: 3,850,000mt

Crew complement: 930

Maximum crew capacity: 10000

Cruising velocity: Warp 8.2

Maximum velocity: Warp 9.995 for 12 hrs, Warp 9.9999 for 4 hrs

Sublight cruising speed: 1.05cc

Max. sublight speed: 2.00cc

Maneuverability: Average

Weapons: 10 Type X Phaser Turrets

4 Type XII Pulse Phaser Cannons (on turrets)

6 Type XII Phaser Arrays

1 twin quantum torpedo turret - 46 quantum torps

8 photon torpedo launchers (on turrets) - 70 photon torpedoes

Propulsion systems: Warp: 2 LF-49 Advanced Linear Warp Drive units

Impulse: 2 FIG-6 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse units

Primary computer system: M-16 Bio Neural Gelpack Isolinear III Processor

Primary navigation system: RAV/ISHAK Mod 3 Warp Celestial Guidance

Deflector systems: FSS-3 Primary Force Field and Deflector Control System

Defense systems: regenerative shielding

Ablative hull armour

Embarked Craft:

6 Work Bee General Utility Craft

4 Type-11 shuttlecrafts

8 Class-2 shuttlepods

1 Captain's Yacht "Celestar"

I ostatni cios:

Kitty Hawk Class

Design by Jeff Nielsen

USS Kitty Hawk, NX-71125, Kitty Hawk Class shuttle carrier

Commission Date: June 19, 2374

Beam: 500.00m

Length: 507.06m

Height: 66.70m (without warp nacelles); 95.75m (with warp nacelle assembly)

Decks: 16

Max. Sustainable Speed: Warp 9.1, unlimited duration; Warp 9.98 for 12 hours

Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 7.50, unlimited duration

Crew complement: command crew: 85

Engineering crew: 165

Mission ops crew: 125

Science crew: 75

Marines/flight cCrew: 150

Total: 600

Total evac limit: 2000

Ship systems:

Warp Drive: 2x Cochrane Warp Dynamics LF-44, 1x Port and 1x Starboard feeding into a Plasma Phase Discriminator. The plasma is then balanced and feed to the two warp nacelles.

Impulse engines: 2x Kloratis Fig-5 Engines in the Primary Saucer section, plus 2x Kloratis Fig-4 Engines inside the warp nacelle housings.

Weapon system: Phaser: 3x Multi-Focus Auto-Retuning HiBeam Energies Type XII Emitters

Weapon system: Photorp: 3x Skat-Rar Mk 95 Quantum Torpedo Launcher, retrofitted to fire Transphasic (Janeway's Alternative Future), Photon, Quantum Torpedoes and Standard Probes.

Weapon system: Nog X-1 Auto-Replicating (non-cloaking) Mines.

Defensive system: Charlottes Shields FSQ and Starfleet J-01 (Janeways Alternative Future) Ablative Armor Generators.

Computer system: Primary: DSC M-16 Bio-Neural Gel Pack Isolinear III.

Computer system: Navigational Suites: Tlixis Ramab RRB RAV/ISHAK Mk 4

Computer system: Fire Control: RCA AEGIS Mk 8 Mod 1 Multi-Focus Targeting Array

Life Support system: Morris Magnatronics MM6 Modular Gravity Unit and A'Alakon Landis AL4 Multi-Species Life support systems

Other systems of note:

Emergency Transverse Bulkheads

4x Multi-Spacial Long Range Warp Probes

Enhanced Ferengi Metaphasic Shielding

Holo-Enhanced Ship Stations: All main ships stations and crew community rooms (as well as a number of main corridors) are equipped with dedicated EMH

holoprojectors, such as the Main Bridge, all Personnel Transporter Rooms, Main Engineering, Astrometrics, all mess-halls, Warp Nacelle Monitoring Stations, Captain's

Ready Room, Observation Lounge, etc..

Holo-Enhanced Bridge Stations : One of the most complex innovations is the inclusion of the new bridge module. Replacing the older bridge whose layout did not fit well with military operations, is the new Holo-Bridge. A complex dedicated computer core from a damaged Danube Class Runabout has been installed in the bridge to run the Holo-Matrix. In combat situations the bridge of the Kitty Hawk is replaced with a 360 degree panoramic holographic projection of the surrounding environment. The Holographic representation is a 'flat' screen approach to holography in that the images remain on the walls and surfaces they are projected on, however at any point in the bridge and officer can look 'out' into space and see what is happening. The recessed bridge stations allow the command staff to have an uninterrupted view of the surrounding space, while not interrupting the chain of command. Each of the recessed bridge stations also has a view of over 200 degrees, not the complete 360 of the command staff. The two aft bridge stations are tactical stations, although both are only used in high combat situations. the aft port and starboard stations are mission ops stations, the fore port and starboard stations are engineering (port) and science (starboard), but can be reconfigured into tactical stations if needed.

Auxiliary craft: The U.S.S. Kitty Hawk Carrier is equipped with a standard compliment of shuttles and EVA pods. However in combat situations or when expecting hostile activities the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk can dock at the closest starbase and switch her normal shuttle compliments to a suite military operations or rescue operations. All three shuttlecraft compliments are listed here.

Standard configuration:

80x Type 9 Shuttlecraft

24x Type 11 (Enterprise E Class) Shuttlecraft

18x Danube Class Runabout

12x Type 16 Shuttle Pods

32x Worker Bee Class EVA Pod

Rescue Configuration:

80x Type 9 Shuttlecraft

42x Danube Class Runabout

12x Type 16 Shuttle Pods

32x Worker Bee Class EVA Pod

Military Operations:

80x Type 9 Shuttlecraft

24x Valkryie Class Superiority Fighter

12x Valkryie Class Bomber Variant

6x Danube Class Runabout

12x Type 16 Shuttle Pods

32x Worker Bee Class EVA Pod

History The U.S.S. Kitty Hawk was originally commissioned as a long range Shuttle Carrier, envisioned in a support and rescue role she was pressed into military operations when the Borg attacked. Returned to her original configuration after the Borg Incursion into Sector 001 she saw a few years of peace as a medical, cargo and rescue ship. Then the Dominion invaded and again her configuration was altered, and she was pressed into service as a military carrier. With the Dominion threat over, the Cardassians contained within their own space and the Klingons rebuilding their empire, it appeared that the Kitty Hawk would again be returned to her original configuration. However Starfleet Command has decided to keep her in her military configuration for the moment. This was decided because of Starfleet Intel pointing to a possible Romulan offensive. So with the short period of peace the Federation is again enjoying, the Kitty Hawk is undergoing field repairs and upgrades. Not the least of which is the new technology the U.S.S. Voyager returned with. After studying the armor and weapons technology brought from the future, as well as the alien technological innovations discovered in the Delta Quadrant, the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk is being quickly retooled and rebuilt. Her systems hare now being 'hardened' to meet military standards.

Jeśli mam na polski przetłumaczyć to dajcie znak.

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