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    Tutaj umieszczam linka do pierwszego epizodu - trwa prawie 12 minut. Polecam bardzo miłośnikom Treka. Tim Vining wykonal kawał dobrej roboty.

    Pierwszy epizod można ściągnąć ze strony Aurory w formatach Quicktime, Windows Media, Flash (dial-up), ale udostępnione są też w serwisie stage6 (coś jak YouTube ale zdecydowanie lepsza jakość)... na dole podaje linki właśnie stage6. Miłego oglądania...

    Star Trek: Aurora (część 1) - link

    Prace nad drugim odcinkiem trwają, ale już można obejrzeć pierwszą scenę - link.

    Strona oficjalna projektu: tutaj


    About Star Trek Aurora

    Star Trek: Aurora is an original animated film set in the Star Trek universe. The year is 2270 (or just after the original series left off, and before the first movie).

    The inspiration for following the exploits of interstellar merchanters rather than Starfleet characters (who will appear in later portions of this work) comes from the many civilians that Kirk's Enterprise encountered in the original series: as a kid, I would see these jumpsuit-clad people on this planet or that station and wonder more about their stories. It seemed to me that you'd have to be almost as courageous as the Enterprise crew to leave Earth behind and put yourself out there in that very same unpredicable and sometimes hostile galaxy?but without a heavily armed starship at your disposal!

    Further inspiration comes primarily from the many novels of C.J. Cherryh, who makes interstellar commerce look like the most exciting job in the world(s)?I particularly recommend The Pride of Chanur.

    Note that Star Trek: Aurora is a work in progress. New portions of the story will come out as they are completed, so make sure to check back on occasion to see if I've gotten more done (tho, patience is required: I'm doing this pretty much on my own!) Please drop me a line and let me know what you think.

    ?Tim Vining


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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