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Hehe 🙂 coz w sumie to moja ulubiona postac z voya 🙂

Harry! Harry Kim, you are the youngest person on the senior staff. Everyone admires your courage through the trials of being so far from home. Always the optimist, you always dream of Voyager getting home. Just keep looking towards the future and your dreams will always come true.


You're Captain Kathryn Janeway. You're quick, decisive, intelligent, and you have one hell of a backhand in tennis. You're the leader of the group and, though you sometimes get weighed down with heavy decision making, you inevitably do what's right. Your conscience and good intentions pave the way home.

Ja to mam szczęście do kapitanów (w innym quizie miałem taką rangę 🙂 )

Eddie_GcT : Moją ulubioną postacią z Voya jest Seven , chyba wiadomo dlaczego (ach te "implanty" borga) 😀 😉

Tom fajnego masz avatara (kulfon) 😀


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